Knitting Machine Patterns on Diagrams
Bertha Kok

Provides information to assist the knitter to produce an attractive and well fitted garment.

Pattern Diagrams For:

Raglan sleeve, Drop shoulder and Set-in sleeve
Round and V-neck sweaters
Long and short sleeve cardigans
Sleeveless pull over
Skirt and dresses for ladies and girls
Baby jackets

Sizes are for men and ladies in 10 sizes from 82 cm to 127 cm (32” to 50”). Children from 3 months to 12 years, calculations are for 4-ply yarn and 3-ply yarn.
Crochet No 5, summer boucle and industrial yarns can also adapted be for the machine knitting patterns. 

Page Index 

                        1 Introduction. Index and abbreviations .
                        3 How to use the diagram pattern.
                        4 How to use the diagrams.
                        4 Raglan diagram. Calculate rows and sts on back panel for long sleeves.
                        5 Adjusting pattern when row and sts differs from diagram. Taking measurements.
                            Guideline for machine tension. Neater edges. Raglan decreases.
                        6 Raglan round neck, V-neck. Hint for round neck.
                        7 Shaping the holding position method. drop shoulder, set-in sleeve and neck shaping
                        7 Drop shoulder and Set-in sleeve. Back and neck shaping.
                            Shaping of V-neck. Sleeve of drop shoulder and set-in sleeve
                        9 Replacing sts on waste yarn for shoulder seams, ribbing etc. Ensure easy movement of                            carriage. Cast-off chain method with tappit tool. Joining the shoulder sts of drop shoulder                               and set-in sleeve on WY (waste yarn).
                        10 Neck ribbing. Attractive edging for neck
                        11 V-neck ribbing. Sleeveless pullover. Shaping of “V” neck rib at center front.
                        12 Hints on yarns.
                        13 Cardigan. Determine length of button hole band.
                            Lady’s skirt.
                        16 Lady’s dress.
                        17 Girls’ skirts. Semi-picot hem
                        18 Girls’ dresses
                        19 Babies’ jacket
                        20 Sewing of knitted garments, with sewing machine, care for knitted garments
                        21-22 Cut and sew with overlocker
                        24 Neck templates
                        25 Variations on raglan, drop shoulder and set-in sleeves.
                        Part 2 Diagram patterns for 4-ply and 3-ply .

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Knitting Machine Patterns

This book is a result of many years of experience and provides more information to assist the knitter to produce attractive and well fitted garments. Many people bought machines but did not persevere with the knitting of garments as they received minimal help and advice from technical sources. This book is to motivate and inspire knitters to produce a well-finished garment.


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Pattern Examples

Cardigan Pattern

Example of the Drop shoulder pattern. The use of diagrams simplifies the reading of patterns because, one can see at a glance the measurements, row, stitches, increases and decreases. Sizes are for men, ladies in 10 sizes from 82cm to 127cm. For children from 3 months to 12 years. The Drop shoulders’ armhole length is the same as for the Raglan, but the shoulder and sleeve fits more loosely.

Raglan Pattern

Example of a Raglan pattern. Symbol on left top show it is for ladies. To decreases raglan there are 3 options: 2sts, 3sts of 4sts at a time. The less you stop to decrease the more time you save. The decreases of raglan from the armhole to the width of the back neck are evenly spaced.

Set in Sleeve Pattern

Example of the Set-in sleeve diagram with easy to follow step to shape the shoulders and well fitted sleeve cap.
I bought my first knitting machine many years ago. The armhole of the Set-in sleeve must fits nicely over the shoulders also the sleeve cap. The armhole is shorter that the raglans’ armhole.

Varition of Patterns

Variation for cardigan: Long and short sleeve diagram pattern in al sizes, for men, ladies and children. The correct length of buttonhole band are explained in handboo

Variation of Raglan Sleeve

From one pattern you can knit a lot of variations: Long / short sleeve cardigan with round of V-neck. Length for buttonhole is explained. Sweater: long / short sleeve also round of V-neck. Patterns for all knitters and for single bed with ribber,

Our Blog

Raglan Jerseys

The Raglan jersey is popular for all ages. When you decrease raglan, avoid two stitches on the edge needle, no unsightly ridge. For example: to decrease 4 stitches both sides: Use the 7x1 transfer tool. Transfer 5 stitches 4 positions in. The use of a contrast colours, and this attractive neck edge, can make a big difference to the finished garment.

Baby Jacket

Baby jacket knitted in 3-ply. MT 5 1cm = 3sts and 5 rows (10cm = 30sts and 50 rows). This is an easy to follow pattern for 3 (6)months. The lower part can be knitted in a lace pattern.

Knitted Cardigan

Cardigan knitted with summer boucle plus a holding thread. MT 6.2 1cm – 5sts and 4.2 rows. Picot edge seam. The length of the buttonhole band is explained with easy to follow sketches. 

Knitted Cardigan

The Drop shoulder pattern with an attractive neck and easy to do neck edge. The armhole of sleeve is partly shaped. This diagram pattern can also be used for cut and sew on a over locker. Easy to follow instructions with neck templates.

Long Sleved Jersy

Jersey shaped cut and sew method with the over locker. Knitted with 3 threads of industrial yarn. MT 7: 1cm = 2.8 sts and 4.2 rows. Using the Drop shoulder pattern. The armhole is partly shaped, this give firmness and is less bulky at the armhole. The coloured stripes make a difference to a plain garment.

Long Sleved Jersy

Set-in sleeve knitted with 3-ply yarn. MT 5. 1cm = 5sts and 4.7 rows. The armhole of the Set-in is shorter and the shoulders fits more at the back and front. For a perfect sleeve cap there was always calculations to do, but not anymore, just follow the diagram.

Knitted Girls Dress

Girls dress knitted with no 5 Crochet yarn: MT 6.1: Crocket yarn is very durable, will last for years. .Neat picot semi-picot seam. My grand daughter just loved wearing here knitted dress.

Knitted Ladies Dress

Ladies dress knitted with Summer Boucle plus holding thread. MT 6.2. 1cm = 5sts and 4.2 rows. Use the diagram patterns of the Drop shoulder, Raglan or Set-in sleeve for the top of the dress. Knit a four-panel skirt, five lengths to choose from. Knitting the dress is well explained in my handbook.

Knitted Dress

Knitted dress. Skirt knitted from hem to waist. 

Knitted 4-Panel Skirt

Skirt knitted from the hem to the waist. For a neat edge: Decreased the side seam using a 7x1 transfer tool by moving 5 stitches 4 position in.

Knitted Pullover

Skirt knitted from the hem to the waist. For a neat edge: Decreased the side seam using a 7x1 transfer tool by moving 5 stitches 4 position in.


Bertha Kok

I would like to introduce myself. I am Bertha Kok and resident in a beautiful part of Cape Town, South Africa, called Somerset West. We are so blessed to be surrounded by beautiful mountains, old historic farms and the most beautiful Nature Reserve where you still find small animals roaming around. I am a person of many hobbies. As you already know, I have a passion for knitting, sewing, baking, early morning strolls with my dog and hiking trails. Not so long ago I did the Camino trail in Spain which I found absolutely fantastic. And last but not least, I am the grandmother of five beautiful grand children.