Sectional Title Scheme Administrator

Lilian Waldeck is qualified in all aspects of Sectional Title Management, Home Owners Associations and Retirement Villages administration.

Be it a new Development in progress or an established Scheme, Lilian can make a difference to how successful your complex succeeds.
Lilian can assist the Trustees in the correct interpretation of the Act and offer the following services:-

       The duties of a Sectional Title Scheme       Administrator

Liaise with;
Body Corporate Owners.
Tenants / Rental Agents.

Preparation of Annual Budget/s.
Ensuring write up of books.
Ensuring Body Corporate. Books sent out for Audit.
Respond to Levy and other related queries.
Prepare and monitor monthly budget comparisons.

Permanent Documents
Safe keeping of Management and Conduct Rules or Memorandum and Articles of Association.
Sectional Title Plans.
Insurance Schedules.
Minutes of all meetings.
General Correspondence.

Annual General Meetings.
Special General Meetings.
Trustee Meetings.

Assisting in the obtaining quotations.
Supervision of Maintenance.
Appointment of contractors

Payment of contractors.
Debits / Credits on levy accounts.
Payment of suppliers.
Calculation of Special Levies.
Account Queries.
Obtaining approval of invoices from Trustees.
Payment of wages / salaries.
Levy Clearance Certificates.
Credit Control.
Collection of outstanding levies.
Legal Liaison.
Maintaining Bank Account.
Payment of staff salaries and submission of PAYE, UIF returns.
Sending out of monthly levy accounts.

Minute taking at all meetings.
Action from the minutes.
Circular letters.
General Correspondence.

Employ general workers for the complex.
Preparation of Employment Contracts.
Ensuring adherence to Labour Relations.

Ensure complex adequately insured.
Processing of insurance claims.
Appointment of Contractors.
Finalisation of Insurance Claim.
Liaison with Insurance Broker.

Assistance to all Body Corporate with regard to action to be taken and the interpretation of the Act.


Live in the Strand,
Cape Town.
South Africa.


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